To make your body well and to make your mind well


During parenting

“If parents don’t have enough time, parents couldn’t care their children well.

I realized that.
If there is no stable in parent’s mind, parent’s couldn’t care their children.

If the state that parents’s have enough time to relax, their mind will be unstable.

  • couldn’t relax to play with their children
  • Work performance degrades
  • The body condition is getting worse.

In the negative loop.
Every parents should to get out of this loop!!


To get out of the negative loop!

I have worked as

  • Physical Therapist
  • Trainer

So to speak,

Body Specialist!

From that experience and knowledge

It is possible to remove physical problem and navigate to
good direction.

And when the physical problem goes in the right direction

Mental problems tend to go in the right direction.

Even if the child “mischief” and “mistake” .
the exercise such as jogging can calm it down.
exercise have such a power.
we can talk with children with thinking of children’s mind.

However, without exercise children’s mischief will make us angry.
we simply said

What are you doing?

Before thinking about the feelings of the child, words will come out.

To make a room to think themself. we should improve our body function.

It is known that physical symptoms come from mental stress.

Stomach ache are caused by stress
headache and low back pain also arises from mental stress.

Mental stress such as worry is easy to understand.

It appears in the posture and the action.

  • The person who is confident tend to be good posture and look up.
  • A person with no confidence tend to make rounds body and faces down.

As the state of the mind is reflected in the state of the body,
the state of the body can also be reflected in the state of the mind.

There is an experiment that
the expression of the confidence at the interview was completely different from the person who had the interview after facing up, and the person who looked down before the interview.

Improve physical symptoms → mentally make a room to think yourself

And we can achieve mental stability.

The relationship between body and mind

The body and mind are influenced by each other.

If either of them is strong and stronger…

The “body” and “mind” can complement each other and remain in good condition.
The control of the mind is more difficult than the body and posture control.

Let’s improve the ability to control the mind by controlling the body.

“Children’s growth is influenced by their parents ‘ mental and physical allowance!!」

When you are busy or a little frustrated, you will not
be able to communicate with your child well.
The full-time work is clearly make us difficult to commuicate our children.
The simple story, to eat dinner at 7pm is good for parent’s mind rather than to eat dinner at 8pm.

It can be said not only about the time of dinner, but also at any time.
If you try to manage your child on the axis of your time, you will get frustrated when things go wrong.

it is best to make children live on the time axis of the child.

And this was not just “parenting”.
After all, having time to think ourselfs is more important than anything else.

What do you want to write on this blog?

I think that I am happy because I am allowed to do “short work”.

That is why, I would like to write the idea to enjoy life
to be able to no angry to children.

Mental and physical health of parents (adults)

To the mental and physical health of parents (adults)

Parents are stressed in various places including home, company, Friendship, and parent-child relationships.
As a “physical therapist/trainer”, I work with the human body, so I am a professional in my physical and mental health.
To share the knowledge I have.

Children’s growth

To the growth of children

The main article is the viewpoint of the growth of the child from the growth of the body.
I will write what is good for playing and training with my child.
If you have any question in how to play with children, please refer to.

Don’t lose to your children, daddy

Dad, go to the damn.

I have three daughters.
Therefore, I want to be a cool “daddy” forever.
I will tell you how to be a “great daddy” who never loses to children.

As a physical therapist and trainer

For therapists and trainers

I have been working as a physical therapist for more than 10 years.
So I can share the knowledge and experience.
I hope this HP will help young therapist.