Summary of "Back pain prevention and improvement" workshop for childcare workers

for parents and childminder

The workshop for “Low back pain prevention and improvement” was done in the nursery school.
In the past
, I had seen the workshop participants fo
r the general public and the person who came t
o the clinic, “Lumbago is tough”

It is that the nursery school worker has sharpened the body so far…

I was surprised that there were many people who had worse body than I imagined.
Young age and
general knowledge and simple exercise guidance will manage!
If you think… Big mistake

If possible, I would like you to continue to be involved and take care of your child comfortably.


The idea of controlling lumbago and its method

Back pain is

  • Be in the same posture for a long time
  • Repeat the same behavior

It is likely to occur by

Even if there is no organic problem such as “bone deformation” or “protruding hernia”, the
same posture and the accumulated burden due to repetition of the same operation,

  • Repeated fine damage
  • Shortening of nerves and poor planing

Will result in a non-specific lu
mbago that cannot b
e identified as a cause.

These three measures are the first

What has been scientifically proven as a countermeasure against lower back pain

  • Give flexibility
  • Have a light aerobic exercise
  • Get rid of stress (meditation/mindfulness)

“Strength training”, which you
feel is common sense, has n
ot been scientifically proven to be true.
However, I think that “muscular strength is also necessary”.

“Muscular strength” is also called the inner unit

  • Diaphragm
  • Abdominal muscle
  • Multi-tear muscle
  • Pelvic floor Muscle Group

It is very important to be “functionally active”
without being inhibited.
The Inner unit

The spine is capable of countering gravity.

Push the mayonnaise bott
le in all direc
tions to jump up

The inner unit’s activity creates
a force against gravity.

In the research mode
l, it is thought t
hat it has be
come not scientifically proven because it has become “the one that examined th
e change of lumbago to an individual
training” such as “muscular strength of the abdomen” and “dorsal strength”.

“Flexibility of the body” to prevent back pain

Tha is pretty stiff

Lower back pain has a stronger effect on the same posture and behavior.
And, the tissue which has decreased flexibility beco
mes hard, and the movement becomes bad.
As a result, it becomes a chronic inflammatory condition, and the pain is chronic easily.

When the flexibility of the organization i
s improved, the “choice” of posture and movement can be increa
sed, and it is possible to break away from the accumulation of a chronic burden.

The flexibility can also withstand the accumulation of burdens.

The nerve movement and the gliding ability become bad because it is
easy to adhesions with the tissue which lost the flexibility.

When the movement of the nerve is bad, “pain” becomes easy to occur by a casual rhythm.
In that sense, it is important to give flexibility.

“Aerobic exercise” to combat low back pain

A light, pleasant degree of aerobic exercis
e secretes cytokines with “anti-inflammatory effects” in the body.

Since low back pain is often caused by chronic inflammation and chronic fine damage,
it is possible to prevent back pain by suppressing inflammation by aerobic exercise.

Meditation and mindfulness for the prevention of low back pain

Lower back pain is likely to occur when “consciousness to my body” is low.
The body diagram

My Body Map

The body is easy to move, and
a small sense of discomfort becomes easy to feel it.
If you feel a little discomfort early, you can control it before your body aches.

Spine is the axis of the body, but “sense” is very bad site

  • Even if you take a bad attitude for a long time
  • Even if the operation is easy to hurt

The body does not notice.
In order to give your body awareness, you have to make time to adjust your body.

To control back pain, remember only four “lumbar” features and correction methods

As a feature of the waist,

  • In the center of the body
  • Connecting part of the body that supports one or two axes
  • Structurally weak but supported by soft tissue
  • The surrounding hip and thoracic areas are prone to stiff

Four is important

Recognize the core axis of the body

Because it is a part which becomes “axis”
of the body, when it is lost with the gravi
tational line even a little, the load is rapidly steadily accumulating.

It is necessary at such time.

“Conscious of the middle and straight”

In that sense, meditation is very effective.

Look at a straight object and be conscious

Even if we can’t
meditate, we find a straight line, an uprig
ht, and a reference to our body.

That alone will change.
The effect to be conscious of the straight axis,

“To be conscious of gravity”

Can be recalled, the
inner unit is also activated.

If gravity is not conscio
us, the force to resist gravity is not born.

The axis is one → two, but the center of gravity is not shifted too much

Because the axis becomes one → two
, it becomes easy to take the burden to “Sengut joint”.
Especially in the case of women, the pelvis is wide so unfavorabl
e… So there are many people who walk while moving the center of gravity to the left and right.

The yellow part of the sacroiliac joint

When it becomes a habit, to use wh
ile leaning on the outer muscles of the leg → The inner
muscles will not use → conversely, the load lin
e of the leg will move to the outside → the knee w
ill be easier to become O legs-shoes are easier to reduce the outside

It will become.

In order to care for it, let’s take the hardness of the inner tissue fir
mly, and keep it in a state easy to use.
It is effective to massage the following parts.

Knee Massage Site
Foot massage Site

Let’s make the force which opposes gravity by the inner unit of the waist

Characteristics of the lumbar region

The lumbar

  • Diaphragm
  • Multi-tear muscle
  • Abdominal muscle
  • Pelvic floor Muscles

It is supported while balancing.
Therefore, “good posture” and the whole should work to emphasize.
The “good posture” referred to here is “the state that the lumbar spine is a little pre-curved”.

Therefore, it is useless when sitting by rounding the body.

When you make a good p
osture, and you meditate to straighten your body, the
n the force against gravity comes out from the back of your stomach.
Well in fact

The state where the inner unit has been activated

It is OK if it is possible to co
ntrol it consciously, and to do even unconsciously.

Let’s put out the flexibility of “hip” and “thoracic” which is the surrounding joint

The movement of t
he body is made by the balance of the joint
which is easy to move, and not moving.

If you are not cons
cious, it becomes a habit to make a movement in the joint that is easy to move, it wont become.
Then, the burden is accumulated chronically, and “pain” occurs.

The circumference of “wai
st” is a joint that is easy to become stiff, “hip”, “thoracic” and “shoulder joint”.
If you do not realize an
ything, the burden becomes easier to accumula
te and the lower lumbar state is relatively soft.

When the “surrounding joint” becomes hard, it becomes easy to take the burden to the “waist”, an
d let’s maintain the flexibility of the surrounding joint firmly.

When the hip gets stiff…

  • Relationships with children on the floor
  • Working with low chairs
  • Work bend down the body

It will become to operate in the “waist Center”.
Then, “Back pain” is likely to occur.

When the thoracic and shoulder joints become stiff…

  • At the time of the hug (not supported by the upper trunk, the burden on the waist is required)
  • When you move your hands.
  • When lifting things

And so the burden on the hips will take

A bad balance

I have seen this picture in the story, but it is
cheating by defeating the body that the rise of the left shoulder is bad.

The cost of defeating the body

“The burden on the waist is at stake”

It means.

For childcare,
it is also necessary to “act like
a shoulder to turn.”

Massage the lower part of the collarbone

It is easier to perform “twisting the sh
oulder” by massaging the bottom of the collarbone.
Wearing a hug string and carrying a piggyback child

By being able to use a shoulder firmly, “movement of the waist” is reduced, and it becomes measures against lumbago.

In the first place, childcare is incompatible with back pain.

The negative relationship between childcare and lumbar characteristics

In the first place, the work of the nursery school worker is sacrificed to his body by all means.
As mentioned above, the “relationship with children” is “to do wi
th the body of adults” is very overworked body.

Following the exercise hen

for parents and childminder