Exercise for the prevention of low back pain

for parents and childminder

prevention by movement

Workshop Summary at nursery school

The actual workshop didn’t take much time.
The symptoms are different individually, but we will introduce them in a way that is effective.


The exercise of low back pain to prevent is safely to start from “shoulder joint” and “hip” first

From the relaxation around the hip

First of all, it relaxes in the meaning of the position of the hip well.

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Because there is no need to prepare rop
es, please put your leg on the box and relax.

Exercise that makes hip movement while relaxing is also effective.

Take off the hardness around the stomach and fix your rounded body

Take a deep breath by putting your hands lightly on your stomach with your posture and your knees upright.

When the habit to round the body is attached, the tissue on the front side of the body becomes hard, and it becomes difficult to make good posture.
Massage the abdomen in preparation for the body to make good posture.
It is effective only to put your hand on the stomach. But if you get used to it, please massage the side of your Navel.

Massage the navel.

It is effective only by massaging it lightly.
If you push too hard, you will feel sick.

Relieve the stress around lumber while putting out the flexibility of the hip and the shoulder joint.

Another thing that I introduced as a movement that c
an be easily “child pose”

You shoud do it by pulling out the power as much as possible in consideration of making the
movement of the hip and the shoulder joint.

It is effective to sleep on
the back, and to extend one hand “far”
By moving the “scapula”, it is possible to reduce the stress around lumber.

If you can do all four

Not to move lumber position」

Ieffective to move the arm or leg like video.
In the video, arm and loeg elevate at the same time,

First of all, please do from each one of the arm and leg

Self-massage for easier shoulder movement

In childca
re, you ne
ed to move shoulder easily.

Massage at bellow collarbone

It is easier to perform “twisting the sh
oulder” by massaging under the collarbone.
whne you wear hugstring and carrying a child.

If you can use a shoulder freely, “movement of the lumber area” is easy to move and you can prevent low back pain.

Gradually, you can fix lumber movement.

Let’s do the movement of “lumber itself” gradually.

As a precaution of this movement,

Don’t be too conscious of your lumber area.

Do not force yourself to do it, do it comfortably.
If the pain is out, stop the movement.

And, let’s do the exercise to give the nerve flexibility.

* If there is discomfort in the neck, stop it
. * Stop if the pain is directly on lumber area, not the entire foot.

And, if it comes to be able to pose of the cobra in yoga, your low back pain is going to getting better.


simple story,

It is enough for “low back pain” when you will do the movement like the above.
When the body becomes easy, your mind will be free.
I will cooperate as much as possible, thank you.

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